Wickham Church of England Primary School Curriculum

We are proud to offer a broad and balanced curriculum which tailors the National Curriculum to meet the needs of our young learners. Our curriculum is designed around 6 key drivers which underpin all learning:

  • Concept Driven
  • Experience Led
  • Vocabulary Rich
  • Outward Looking
  • Conceptual
  • Enquiry Based


What is my child learning now?

Our year group Curriculum Overview pages show what your child will be learning each half term.

EYFS Curriculum Overview Cycle A Autumn 2021 

Year 2 Curriculum Overview Cycle A Autumn 1 2021

Year 3 Curriculum Overview Cycle A Autumn 1 2021

Year 4 Curriculum Overview Cycle A Autumn 1 2021

Year 5 Curriculum Overview Cycle A Autumn 1 2021

Year 6 Curriculum Overview Cycle A Autumn 1 2021


Our Curriculum Overview pages below provide an insight into how learning is delivered in each curriculum subject.


Maths Overview Page

English Overview Page

Science Overview Page

Computing Overview Page

PSHE Overview Page

History Overview Page

DT Overview Page

Art Overview Page

RE Overview Page

Geography Overview Page

PE Overview Page

MFL Overview Page

Music Overview Page


Our Curriculum Progression documents show how we build the knowledge and skills of our learners in each subject as they move through the school.


Reading - Phonics

Reading Year 1

Reading Year 2

Reading Year 3

Reading Year 4

Reading Year 5

Reading Year 6

Writing Year 1 

Writing Year 2

Writing Year 3

Writing Year 4

Writing Year 5

Writing Year 6

Maths Year 1

Maths Year 2

Maths Year 3

Maths Year 4

Maths Year 5

Maths Year 6

RE Progression Document

Computing Progression Document

PSHE Progression Document

History Progression Document

DT Progression Document

Art Progression Document

Geography Progression Document

PE Progression Document

MFL Progression Document

Music Progression Document

Working Scientifically Progression Document

Science Progression Document


Personal Social Health Education (PSHE)

Our PSHE curriculum provides activities and experiences, which allow pupils to gain an understanding of:

  • The human body
  • Mental health
  • Relationships
  • The conditions which promote healthy growth and development
  • Health hazards
  • Safety
  • Community health and safety services
  • Environmental and social health measures
  • The interdependence of man and other living things
  • Citizenship
  • Sex and relationships education


Sex and Relationships Education

In accordance with the Education (No 2) Act 1994, the Governors deem that sex and relationships education should be part of the curriculum of the school. This is taught as part of the PSHE programme and placed in the context of relationships, responsibilities and family life.

Governors believe that sex and relationships education at school should be complimentary to guidance given at home.  Therefore, parents will be given the opportunity to view teaching materials and to discuss them with staff so that a match may be achieved between home and school. A copy of our Sex and Relationships Education Curriculum Map is available to download from this page.

The Governors' full Policy on Sex and Relationships Education is available for parents from the School Office.  Legislation states that parents may withdraw their children from any part of sex and relationships education that is not part of the National Curriculum.  Any parents wishing to do this will need to contact their child's class teacher, or the Headteacher, to discuss the matter.


Religious Education

We follow the Hampshire agreed syllabus 'Living Difference'and Understanding Christianity for Religious Education.  Units of work linked to our class topics are studied by children across the school.  As a Church of England Controlled School we not only have strong links with St Nicholas Church but our foundations are embedded in the Church of England.  The main world religions are also explored in Key Stage 2 in accordance with the agreed syllabus. Children are taught RE through exploring stories, artefacts, festivals and workshops. St. Nicholas Church in Wickham is regularly used as a resource for learning and the Assistant Curate and Churchwardens support our planned areas of study.

Any parents wishing to withdraw their child from RE will need to discuss this initially with the Headteacher and confirm their decision in writing.

Early Years Curriculum Intent and Long Term Plan

EYFS Curriculum Intent and Long Term Map


Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 Long Term Curriculum Plan

KS1 and KS2 Long Term Curriculum Map


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