Activities to develop spirituality at home


  • Have an area in the home for a ’gratitude’ wall or whiteboard. At the end of every day, children write three things they are grateful for. The only rule is that they must be different from the day before.
  • Set an intention or quest for the day, for what they want to focus on and have happen. Start with “I intend for....”
  • When watching television or a film, choose a favourite or interesting character and “step into the story” to see how you would act in his or her place. This exercise uses imagination and supports compassion for others.
  • Create a vision board for their room. Have fun with this, pick out words, images in magazines. It should make them feel good to look at it and imagine what might happen.
  • Try meditating, or turning off one’s head and turning on one’s heart and inner voice to find ‘you’. It’s important for children to know they always have a place inside themselves they can go to for answers, guidance and truth.
  • When doing chores, such as picking up toys or putting away the dishes, children can imagine that they are returning these things to their homes where they will be more comfortable. Reframing chores in this way teaches reverence for your surroundings and kindness.
  • Experiment with silence by lying on the ground for 10 minutes without saying anything. Pay attention to what you are thinking about. Then notice the reports of the senses of sight and smell. This is the practice of wonder.
  • Limit technology noise so you can hear the peace. Children (and adults) enjoy quiet time to simply be present with themselves.
  • Listen to music. Enjoy it quietly or sing loudly and dance along with zeal!
  • Give thanks or gratitude before you eat, not just for the food, but for everything that contributed to your having this meal -the earth, the rain, the sun, the farmer etc.
  • Create a party for your pet. Play with your pet and indulge the animal with a favourite treat or activity. Think about the lessons your pet can teach you eg loyalty, love.
  • At bedtime, identify one good thing and one bad thing that has happened during the day. For children, these are times to practice enthusiasm and forgiveness.
  • View the moon at night. Talk about the beauty of the natural world. Then imagine how the moon sees the world, an exercise that teaches connections and unity.
  • Plant seeds, nurture them and watch them grow.

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