The majority of our pupils live within easy walking distance of the school. Children and their parents are encouraged to walk or cycle to school and we have a large cycle and scooter shelter on our playground for their use.


Those parents who drive to school are encouraged to park at the Wickham Centre in Mill Lane. Large car parks are available both infront of and behind the community centre and a safe footpath leads directly from the car park to our school gate.


All families who live in Knowle Village are eligible for travel assistance. This is provided by the Local Authority and can take a variety of forms including:


  • Free bus pass for use on a public service
    (This option is currently provided and is used by a number of families as paying parents can also use the service)
  • Dedicated school bus
    (This option is currently provided and takes the form of a minibus, used solely by our school children, providing a private service between our school and Knowle)
  • Parental petrol allowance
    (This option is currently provided where special circumstances apply)


Parents are responsible for their child's attendance at school whether or not transport is provided.

All enquiries concerning eligibility for travel assistance should be made to the County Passenger Transport Group Tel: - 01962 845631.


Parents bringing children to school are requested not to drive into the school grounds as the footpath, used both by school children and families using the Pre-School and Children's Centre, crosses the driveway.


Please note that there is a parking restriction in Buddens Road at the school entrance. For reasons of safety this area should be kept clear at all times and may not be used for dropping off, waiting or parking. Vehicles in this area can cause obstruction and present a hazard for children crossing the road so we ask all drivers to adhere to the Highway Code regulations for the safety and security of all our children.

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