Pupils can take part in many extra curricular activities during lunch-times or after school.  These include sporting, reading and writing, arts and music clubs such as football, netball, Lego creators and singing. No charge is made for clubs and activities provided by school staff.

Clubs start in the second week of each term and stop one week before half term (for Parents Evenings) and one week before the end of each term.

Pompey in the Community provide an after school club on Wednesdays which has a small charge.

Day/ Time Club/ Year Groups Classroom
Monday (12:00-12:30) Colouring Club (All) Jonah (Mrs Wilkie)
Monday (12:20-12:55) KS2 Girls Football Club (KS2) Astro Pitch
Tuesday (12:00-12:30) Chess Club (All) Moses (Mr Barnett)
Tuesday (12:15-12:55) KS2 Rugby Club (KS2) Astro Pitch
Tuesday (12:20-13:00)

Starting Tuesday 25th February)

Gardening Club (Years 1-5) Meet in the Library
Wednesday (12:20-12:55) KS1 Football (KS1) Astro Pitch
Thursday (12:00-12:30) Blogging Club (All) Joseph (Miss Phillips)
Thursday (12:00-13:00) Cookery Club (Year 5/6) Maple Room
Thursday (12:25-12:55) KS2 Football (KS2) Astro Pitch
Thursday (12:30-13:00)

Starting Thursday 27th February)

Card Making Club (All) Eve (Miss Craft)
Friday (12:30-13:00) Lego Club (All) Zacchaeus (Mrs Way)
Friday (12:30-13:00) Supersingers (KS2) Joanh (Mrs Wilkie)

Below is a list of before and after school clubs. For after school clubs, children must be signed for by an adult on leaving.
Club Name - Year Groups Time Location
Cross Country (Years 2,3,4,5) 08:15-08:45 Meet in Gabriel Class (Miss Wheeler)
Basketball (Years 2,3,4,5 & 6) 15:15-16:15 Meet in the Hall after school.

Collection from the Astro Pitch.

Hockey (Years 1-6) 15:15-16:15 Meet in the Hall after school.

Collection from the Astro Pitch.

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